Check firewalls from an external point, Run network diagnostics, Confirming service functionality, Dual stack service.

GOEshell is a network diagnostic and test tool developed for Further Education and Higher Education institution Administrators. It is intended primarily for use from a point outside your institution’s network and firewall. GOEshell can check firewalls from an external point and confirm service functionality. Administrators can run Network diagnostics as well as probes from outside the network. Users will have raised privileges to run SUDO tools, such as nmap, trace map, IP dump and Ping, be able to run script jobs, to Auto run batch process and send emails to test.

GOEshell provides its users with space for user data but no backup of this data. Furthermore, this service is not intended to provide storage, a “compute engine” or to provide services to anyone, other than the technical network / server / infrastructure team in your organisation.

GOEshell is free to use by Members and Associates of GOETEC Ltd. The service is dual stack and thus, able to make use of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Potential users can request user accounts for GOEshell by contacting GOETEC, providing their name, establishment, email, job role and preferred login username.

All use of the GOEshell service is subject to GOEshell Usage Guidance and Janet Acceptable Use Policy.